Calories in Gravy

Calories in Gravy

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Calories in Gravy

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Gravy Calories and Macronutrients

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Total Fat
Sat. Fat
Gravy, au jus, canned3862.90.50.2
Gravy, au jus, dry1 tsp91.
Gravy, beef, canned12311.
Gravy, brown instant, dry1725271.438.753.826.6
Gravy, brown, dry1 tbsp223.
Gravy, chicken, canned18812.94.613.63.4
Gravy, chicken, dry3050.90.80.2
Gravy, CUSTOM FOODS, RED LABEL Au Jus Base, dry192.
Gravy, CUSTOM FOODS, SUPERB Country Gravy Mix, dry3271364.355.1177.370.9
Gravy, CUSTOM FOODS, SUPERB Instant Au Jus Mix, dry33444.623.96.83.1
Gravy, CUSTOM FOODS, SUPERB Instant Beef Gravy Mix, dry254.
Gravy, CUSTOM FOODS, SUPERB Instant Brown Gravy Mix, dry1725271.438.753.826.6
Gravy, CUSTOM FOODS, SUPERB Instant Chicken Gravy Mix, dry263.80.710.3
Gravy, CUSTOM FOODS, SUPERB Instant Pork Gravy Mix, dry244.
Gravy, CUSTOM FOODS, SUPERB Instant Turkey Gravy Mix, dry273.90.810.3
Gravy, CUSTOM FOODS, SUPERB Old-Fashioned BISCUIT Gravy MIx, dry3366368.844.6190.657
Gravy, CUSTOM FOODS, SUPERB Peppered Old-Fashioned Biscuit Gravy Mix, dry3400352.744.7201.659.1
Gravy, HEINZ Home Style Savory Beef Gravy2 oz223.
Gravy, HEINZ, HEINZ Home Style Savory Brown Gravy, canned.25 cup253.
Gravy, instant beef, dry254.
Gravy, instant turkey, dry273.90.810.3
Gravy, meat or poultry, prepared, low sodium1 cup12514.595.72.4
Gravy, mushroom, canned1191336.51
Gravy, mushroom, dehydrated, dry1 cup7013.
Gravy, NESTLE, CHEF-MATE Country Sausage Gravy, ready-to-serve4614187136.9369.195.9
Gravy, NESTLE, TRIO Au Jus Gravy Mix, dry81.700.20.1
Gravy, NESTLE, TRIO Brown Gravy Mix, dry243.
Gravy, NESTLE, TRIO Chicken Gravy Mix, dry325.
Gravy, NESTLE, TRIO Country Gravy Mix, dry355.
Gravy, NESTLE, TRIO Southern Gravy Mix, dry1770222.79.193.720.6
Gravy, NESTLE, TRIO Turkey Gravy Mix, dry2053408.548.624.65.6
Gravy, onion, dehydrated, dry1 cup7716.
Gravy, pork, dry1 serving254.
Gravy, turkey, canned12212.26.251.5
Gravy, turkey, dry1 serving264.
Gravy, unspecified type, dry1 cup8514.43.220.7

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